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Aisha Davis: Empowering Through Technology as a Microsoft and Cloud Expert

Unleashing the Power of STEAM with Aisha Davis, Delivering Cloud-Focused Solutions for Success

Get to know our Founder, CEO & Instructor

Aisha Davis is a renowned Microsoft and Cloud expert with a passion for driving digital transformation, empowering communities, and conducting groundbreaking research. With a diverse background spanning technology, healthcare, and education, Aisha has consistently demonstrated her exceptional skills and expertise.

During her tenure as a Microsoft Account Executive for Higher Education and Academic Medical Centers, Aisha excelled in driving business transformation through strategic partnerships and initiatives. Her collaborative efforts with the Microsoft Vaccine Equity Team and the Biden Administration had a significant impact on public health initiatives, addressing equity gaps and driving partnerships. Aisha's dedication to promoting access and equity among underserved communities showcases her commitment to positive social impact.

In addition to her corporate endeavors, Aisha is the founder of the nonprofit organization "A Cup of Tea with a Black Woman," which focuses on improving the socioeconomic status and social determinants of health for Black youth. Her dedication to empowering marginalized communities highlights her commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Aisha's academic journey at Johnson C. Smith University was marked by remarkable achievements and contributions. Collaborating closely with renowned researcher Dr. Dale-Marie Wilson at the Future Computing Lab, University of North Carolina Charlotte, she conducted innovative research projects utilizing Animeeple software to create virtual humans for immersive experiences. Her expertise in managing software experiments, developing custom games for children with disabilities, and publishing research findings online showcases her versatility and commitment to cutting-edge technologies.

Furthermore, Aisha's experience as a Software Engineer working on the non-nuclear parts of nuclear weapons, coupled with her possession of a Top Secret Security Clearance, underscores her commitment to technical excellence and security.

Aisha's dedication to research and innovation was recognized by Johnson C. Smith University, where she was awarded for her numerous research experiences focused on Cyber Security. Additionally, she was selected by the Chair of the STEM department to represent the university in the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup for Undergraduates competition. Her contributions to the competition included proposing and developing an innovative weight loss software solution and facilitating collaborations between Microsoft and Johnson C. Smith University.

Aisha's commitment to promoting healthy habits among youth was exemplified through her involvement in the Michelle Obama "Know Your Plate" initiative. By conducting extensive research, leading a dynamic team, and creating an engaging and interactive game, she effectively conveyed the principles of balanced nutrition and coding fundamentals to young individuals.


Now, as a leading authority in STEAM Vitality, Aisha leverages her expertise and experience to deliver cloud-focused customer success consulting and educational resources to businesses, individuals, and K-12 students. With her extensive knowledge, research acumen, and commitment to social impact, Aisha Davis continues to make a lasting difference in the world of technology and beyond.

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