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Celebrating Milestones and Building Connections at Microsoft's BPGI x NTA Event: STEAM Vitality!

We are delighted to share a significant milestone for STEAM Vitality, the cloud-focused customer success consulting and education organization I am proud to lead as the founder and CEO. In our very first month of operations, we had the honor of attending Microsoft's Black Partner Growth Initiative x Nonprofit Tech Acceleration Event at the Microsoft Atlantic Yards office to commemorate Juneteenth. This event provided us with an extraordinary opportunity to connect with like-minded businesses, expand our network ecosystem, and lay the foundation for future growth.

A Reunion of Industry Experts: During this remarkable event, we had the pleasure of catching up with esteemed Microsoft panelists Raamel Mitchell, Darrell Booker, and Elliotte Dunlap. As they recognized me from my previous role as a Microsoft employee, it was a heartwarming reunion filled with engaging conversations and the chance to share our vision for STEAM Vitality. Their expertise and insights reaffirmed the importance of our mission to revolutionize cloud-focused customer success consulting and education.

Unveiling Our Unique Approach: At STEAM Vitality, our mission is to drive digital transformation, empower communities, and conduct groundbreaking research. We take immense pride in our extensive knowledge of the Microsoft technology stack, which includes Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. This expertise enables us to provide tailored strategies for cloud adoption, maximizing scalability, cost-efficiency, and collaboration for our clients. With a deep commitment to social impact, we believe in empowering individuals and businesses to unlock the full potential of cloud technologies.

Capturing the Spirit of Juneteenth: We are thrilled to share a special photo captured by the talented Microsoft AE, Deedra Brewer, during the event. This captivating image beautifully encapsulates the spirit of Juneteenth, symbolizing freedom, unity, and progress. It serves as a reminder of the meaningful connections we made and the positive energy that surrounds our work at STEAM Vitality.

Looking Ahead: As we continue on our exciting journey, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming National Sales Network conference in Dallas, Texas, this August. It is another opportunity to connect with industry professionals, share insights, and showcase the transformative potential of cloud technologies. We look forward to reuniting with Deedra and other like-minded individuals who share our passion for driving digital innovation and customer success.

Join Us on the Journey: We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we empower individuals and businesses through cloud technologies. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress, upcoming events, and the impactful work we are doing at STEAM Vitality. Together, we can shape a future where technology fuels positive change and fosters growth.

P.S - Capturing the Energy in the Room: In this captivating 360 video, you'll witness the vibrant atmosphere and the palpable energy that filled the room as we engaged in insightful discussions about the future of cloud technologies. As the founder and CEO of STEAM Vitality, it was an honor to represent our organization and share our vision for revolutionizing the industry. The event served as a catalyst for meaningful connections, sparking innovative ideas, and reinforcing our commitment to making a positive difference through our work.



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